The Primum Mobile: Angels

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When the truth had been revealed, by her who emparadises my mind, a truth in opposition to the present life of miserable humanity, my memory recalls that, gazing on the lovely eyes, from which Love made the noose to capture me, I saw, as a candle flame lit behind a man, is seen by him in a mirror, before it is, itself, in his vision or thought, so that he turns round, to see if the glass spoke true, and sees them agreeing, as song-words to their metre: and when I turned, and my own eyes were struck by what appears in that space, whenever the eyes are correctly fixed on its orbiting, I saw a point that beamed out a light so intense, that the eye it blazes on, must be closed to its fierce brightness, and whatever star seems smallest from down here, would be a moon if it were placed alongside it, as star is placed alongside star. (Paradiso, Canto XXVIII)

We owe a profound debt of gratitude to our Angels:

Al Regnery
The Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust
Moser Family Fund

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The Fixed Stars: The Virtuous


‘Lift your head, and reassure yourself, since whatever comes here from the mortal world must ripen in our rays.’ Such comfort came to me from the second flame, at which I lifted up ‘mine eyes unto the hills’, which had been bowed before with excessive weight. The second light continued: ‘Since our Emperor, by his grace, wishes you to be confronted with his Saints, in his most secret court, before you die, so that having seen its truth, you might increase the hope in yourself and others, which makes people on earth love the good, say what Hope is, and how your mind is en-flowered by it, and say from where it comes to you.’ (Paradiso, Canto XXV)

We are forever grateful to our donors whose Faith, Hope, and Charity make our work possible:

Richard Bogomolny
Diana Cook
Léon Krier
Rebecca Robins
Roger and Sophie Scruton


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Jupiter: Just Rulers


As a man sees that, day by day, by feeling more delight in achieving good things, his virtue increases, so I saw that my circling, with the Heavens, had increased its orbit, while I watched the miraculous vision becoming more adorned. And the change that quickly crosses a lady’s white face, when she throws off a weight of shame, was offered to my eyes, when I turned, because of the white radiance of Jupiter, the sixth, temperate planet, that had received me. In that joyous torch I saw the sparkle of the love inside it, signing letters, of our language, to my eyes. (Paradiso, Canto XVIII)

We are deeply thankful for the generosity and leadership of our donors in Jupiter’s sphere:

American Institute of Architects Baltimore Chapter
Rheda Becker and Robert Meyerhoff
Bob and Susan Bowie
Tony Brandon
Fred and Julia Langheim
Ryan Mault
Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund Inc.
Neil and Sayra Meyerhoff
David and Terri Miller
Hilary and Kate Miller
Scott and Judy Phares
Neil and JoAnn Ruther
Sol Snyder

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Mars: Warriors


And as harp and viol, tuned in many-chorded harmony, make a sweet chime, to one who cannot separate the notes, so a melody enraptured me, from the lights that appeared, gathered along the Cross, though I could not follow the hymn. I clearly knew it was of high praise, since there came to me the words: ‘Rise and conquer,’ as to one who hears but does not understand. And I was so enamoured of it, there, that there had been nothing, till then, that tied me in such sweet chains. (Paradiso, Canto XIV)

We acknowledge and appreciate the readiness and generosity of our many donors without whom no advance would be possible:

Sonia Estruch
Sandra Gerstung
Adam and Fredye Gross
David Harris
Frank Hudson
Laurel Ohlson

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The Sun : Philosophers


Then, as the clock, that strikes the hour, when the bride of God rises, to sing her Matins, to the Bridegroom, so that he might love her, where one part pulls and pushes another, making a chiming sound, of such sweet notes, that the well-disposed spirit fills with love, so I saw the glorious wheel revolve, and answer voice to voice, in harmony, and with a sweetness that cannot be known except where joy renders itself eternal. (Paradiso, Canto X)

We appreciate all of our donors whose wisdom has seen fit to aid us in our cause:

Chic and Kay Dambach
Mark Dulworth
Craig M. Gayhardt
Lori Gildea
Martha Gillespie
Carole Hamlin
Karin Hendrickson
Frank Inselbuch
Jennifer Montone
Barnaby Nerberka
Bill and Dorothy Nerenberg
Mark Niehaus
Celina Realuyo
Fraser Smith
Norman Smith
Leon Strauss
Carol Whiteley

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