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Sir Roger Scruton

Classical music has lost its greatest living advocate – and we, personally, have lost a very dear friend. His spirit and his thoughts, however, will live forever.

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Jan Saenredam: Plato's Allegory of the cave, 1604



Because we know enough to know that we should start by putting First Things first.



Getting it right means understanding that in every community there needs to be a place for music. And that music is a part of placemaking.

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Orchestrate a Renaissance

It begins with ideas and grows from the heart. But it doesn’t catch fire until we all jump in.


Education, Philosophy

The Neglected Muse: Why Music is an Essential Liberal Art

We are shaped not only by music, but also by our opinions about music.

Education, Just for fun

An Amateur’s Week with Beethoven’s “Harp” Quartet

What do amateurs glean from a week spent inundated by one piece of music?



The craft at the heart of our tradition – and at the center of some very heated arguments.




Because to know where you’re going you’ve gotta know where you’ve been.

Just for Fun

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Composers and Wine: Interview with Ron Merlino

Wine for Beethoven was symbolic. It was something that would bring everyone around the table to eat and drink and be equals.

Just for fun, Philosophy, Popular

Earth’s Holocaust

“Now we shall get rid of the weight of dead men’s thought, which has hitherto pressed so heavily on the living intellect.”

The Renaissance

 The time is now. Again.

This age of ours has let fall, bit by bit, things of more value than anything else in the whole world.

—Petrarch, father of the Renaissance, 1341


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