Coming Very Soon

THE FUTURE SYMPHONY INSTITUTE is a new think tank in the tradition of the great American think tanks. Its mission is to be the world’s leading, independent research and educational institution dedicated to a renaissance for the tradition of live classical music.

To this end, the Institute focuses on providing visionary leadership and contributions to strategic thinking, scholarly research, policy formation, and public dialogue. Its purpose is to serve orchestral and community leadership by meeting the challenges they face with bold and timely exposition, careful research, and original analysis – and by creating a preeminent resource in its critical, trustworthy, and expanding body of knowledge and thought.

The Future Symphony Institute is a growing community of the world’s best and brightest thinkers, researchers, and business minds who together, through the independence provided by the broad support of stakeholders, donors, and partners around the world, maintain an unimpeachable standard of integrity and excellence. Their task is focused by the Institute’s seven primary initiatives. Those initiatives take aim at the following critical areas:

    Reframing the way orchestras define, measure, and communicate their contributions to communities.
    Championing the cause of musical education by focusing national and local attention, powerful research, and the light of reason upon the beleaguered battlefield.
    Replacing ‘demographics’ with a system by which to understand and more effectively reach the orchestra’s audience, valuing its members as humans with internal motivations rather than as merely manifestations of external attributes.
    Developing the theory and practice for cultivation of connoisseurship in the casual consumer of classical music.
    Correctly identifying and understanding the causes and the outcomes of problems facing orchestras, and examining why prevailing theories are failing to solve those problems.
    Driving a renaissance in concert hall design that emphasizes the comfortable, the congruent, and the magnetic, and that is informed by the expectations and needs of the modern cultural consumer.
    Navigating the increasingly common impasses that threaten both the orchestra as an institution and the musicians that are its essence.

We are moving ever closer to opening The Future Symphony Institute’s doors; and we are still working diligently and unceasingly to ensure that they open upon the solid and uncompromising threshold of merit, excellence, and achievement that will be the guarantee of the Institute’s success.

IN THE MEANTIME, LOOK for the special introduction written for us by renowned philosopher, writer, scholar, and amateur composer Roger Scruton. In it he lovingly shares his thoughts on the meaning and profound importance of musical education.

We are pleased, also, to announce our partnership with the University of Baltimore in bringing you the very first international conference on The Future of the Symphony. Look for more details in the near future.

As it did six centuries ago, this renaissance will depend upon the vision and conviction of those who fund it. We urge you to consider opportunities to partner with the Institute in its mission, and to share that opportunity with others.

If you have already subscribed to be notified of our launch, we thank you. If you would like to join the list, we welcome you. You can do so here.

AND FINALLY… HAPPY SUMMER from The Future Symphony Institute! Our best wishes for a happy and restful season!