Mark Dulworth

Mark Dulworth is a husband, father, and businessman with a lifelong interest in music, liberal education, and aesthetics. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and St. John’s College, he is President of Dulworth & Company, Inc., a family-owned and operated insurance planning firm. He played classical piano throughout high school, then learned bluegrass banjo and electric bass for fun. He is Board Chair of the Houston Institute, which is dedicated to character development and serves both Rice University and the Texas Medical Center. He has served on other non-profit boards over the years, including the Houston Food Bank, the Foundation for the Retarded, and the Sam Houston Area Council. He and his wife Carole have four sons, all of whom play the piano and the eldest of which graduated from Peabody Conservatory with both undergraduate and master’s degrees in Composition, Sound Engineering, and Acoustics.
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