Conference 2014: Framing the Problem

The Future Symphony Institute congratulates and gratefully acknowledges its partner, the University of Baltimore, as well as the many organizations and individuals who contributed to the success of our first international conference.

It is at once humbling and inspiring that such gigantic talents rallied to our cause. It is, we believe, a testament to the power and importance of the symphonic tradition and classical music itself that people with such astonishingly great minds and skills should come together for their support. Our heartfelt thanks and enduring respect goes to those who shared with us what they have spent a lifetime learning.

If you joined us for the weekend, we thank you, too. It is for you that we are here, and your participation is for us both an honor and a reward. We hope that what you were part of that weekend has provoked thought and discussion since – and perhaps challenged you, as it does us, with that self-awareness that Socrates describes as the beginning of wisdom.

But whether or not you were able to join us in person this year, we look forward to presenting you with the transcripts and videos of our speakers’ presentations very soon. Some of those are already available. We are still gathering and formatting the balance of those materials. Check back with us from time to time. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter and be notified of that exciting moment when soon becomes now.

*                *                *